You are a necromancer, and adventurers have come from far and wide to defeat you in their little bands.  As you defeat some, others take up the call to avenge their brethren.  But you are able to raise the ones you defeat as your minions.  How long can you last before the adventurers take you down?


  • WASD moves the camera
  • Left click to select units
  • Right click to direct selected units
  • Hit E to necromance
  • make command groups using shift+number to add a selected unit to a control group.
  • The necromancer is always command group 1

Made for Mini Jam 72: Adventure.  Limitation of Death must be a Core Mechanic.


Art from Polygon Dungeon Pack:

Music made with beepbox:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity


Download 41 MB
Download 41 MB


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really cool and nice and the end is funny xD

love the graphics as well as the necromance feature, game is pretty buggy though

love the concept, its quite fun

art seems so cool,i like it!

I tested your game besides some others, maybe you are interested. Last Jam someone Videotested my game so I wanted to give the favour back ;)

That is great!  I'll have to do this for the jam comments from now on!