Your family's small oasis has dried up. You must pack up and move everything to the Grand Oasis.  You must find it in time, before running out of water, people, or money. 

As you travel around the map, you will get rewards for the first time you enter a hex.  Trees, cacti, and wells give water.  Ruins give money.

Click on hexes to move.  Click on buttons for dialog.

If you enter a shop and cant afford anything the shop keepers will kill you.



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you really did a great job on this one, it's fun to explore.

Pretty cool game! Very unique take on the theme. 

I think you add more visual and audio feedback when something happens. Like when a person dies, get a pop up and the sound of something dying. When I'm in a town and pay money, like a "cashing" sound, to know I paid cash. 

Have the people from my pack a bit more noticeable as well, they're a little too tiny and don't have much detail, I kinda wasn't sure if they were still there sometimes. 

Also, show me the odds of some of the options I pick. I'd feel better to know someone died if there was a 10% chance of success. 

If you can, try to polish up the UI and make it a bit more thematic as well. 

Overall a pretty enjoyable game, I liked it! Nice job!

Hope to see you in more game jams!

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Nice exploration survival game! As someone else pointed losing if you cannot buy something from the merchants is a little weird.  Maybe a quick fix?
I really liked the worldmap and the different events in some of the tiles (I really love this type of games!)
Great job with your game!!

You should also make export for Windows and Linux. Only a couple of clicks since you are using Unity ;-)

who won?

i keep dying

but its quite addictive

this could be a game worth publishing

I Like how you build a map as you go through

Oh I like the gameplay it's really calm ^^ got 77.375 !

This Game is good although the dialogue system is a messed up 


It seems weird that you just die when you have no money at the merchants, but otherwise quite interesting.

That was from me not making the dialog system well enough.  There aren't any conditional checks on it, so afterwards it just checks if you've lost.